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PHS After School Academy

The goal of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program in Worcester County Public Schools is to provide after school and summer academies to meet the educational, health, social service, cultural and recreational needs of students. One objective of the After School Academies is to provide enrichment and intervention for students in reading and math. Homework assistance classes are provided daily.

Students who participate in the After School Academies look forward to spending time with other students and adults they normally wouldn't have an opportunity to meet during the regular school day. Motivation isn't a problem because staff and students are invested in classes they have chosen mutually. Each site is supervised by an administrator who knows the students from their work with them during the regular school day. Parents of participating students report that they are pleased with the program. They know their child is in a safe, drug-free environment and that they staff works diligently to provide activities that are beneficial and enjoyable. There is great comfort taken by parents who know their child will be safely transported home after the 2 1/2 hour after school experience. Many students are transported by local drivers they know from their communities. 
Contact Mrs. Rayne for more information.