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Pocomoke High School (PHS), a Maryland Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, located near the cypress-lined Pocomoke River, is a small rural school that enjoys unprecedented support and pride from the surrounding community. PHS students excel in academics and in extracurricular activities. The faculty and staff of Pocomoke High School endeavor to prepare all students to compete intellectually and vocationally in an ever-changing global society. While the school shares a community-wide mission statement with the Pocomoke City Schools, many students are more familiar with the school's motto: "Always honor the Warrior Code: Courage, Achievement, Perseverance, and Scholarship."

The students at Pocomoke High School consistently demonstrate some of the highest attendance rates in the county. A large percentage of the student body qualifies for the WeXL Scholastic Recognition banquet, held each May, honoring students who exhibit outstanding academic achievements. The school is very proud of the MCJROTC program, sponsored by the United States Government, providing extensive leadership training to students.

The “Warrior” represents the town of Pocomoke’s proud Native American heritage.  The Algonquin word “Pocomoke” was originally believed to mean “dark water,” but scholars now believe it to be translated into “broken ground."  The Algonquins interacted peacefully with traders and settlers as they exchanged animal skins and pelts for metal tools, cloth, etc.   It is this history of cooperation and friendship that still exists in Pocomoke thanks to our Native American beginning. 

Our Mission

Pocomoke High School will provide a rigorous learning environment where all students are encouraged and given the tools to be successful, resilient learners and productive, compassionate, culturally competent citizens.

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Our Vision

Upon graduation, every student will demonstrate readiness for college or a career through a post-secondary education plan that facilitates life-long success.

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Four Tribes

One School

Pocomoke High School students and staff participate in a structured, school-wide PBIS Tribe system. This system focuses on increased attendance, positive behavior/character development, and a sense of community. The four tribes focus on unity and represent each component of our Warrior motto: “CAPS.” This stands for Courage, Achievement, Perseverance, and Scholarship.. 

Each month, students earn points for their tribe through positive behavior, academic success, team competitions, service learning, and demonstrating “CAPS” anytime and anywhere. Weaved into our tribe's community PBIS program, we have implemented the Choose Love For Schools Program as our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) virtues. The Choose Love program is the first SEL program to fully incorporate state- of-the-art Character Social Emotional Development (CSED) model standards while incorporating neuroscience and positive psychology to teach mindfulness, character, and emotional intelligence.  These essential life skills and tools make our PHS students better learners as well as happier, healthier human beings.

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