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Lit Mag 451

About us

Visiting Artist Series

Vol. 1. Issue 2   2022-2023

Vol 1. Issue 1, 2021-2022

Art & Photography:

Kara Jordan

Dae Dae Miller

Danielle Melson

Jacob Payne

Meme Suznavick

Collaborative Fiction:

"Cassandra's End"

"Genevieve's Dilemma"

"Johny On the Spot"

Creative Non-Fiction:

Evelynn McCoy

Markeese Watson

Dynasia Wise


Gage Joseph

     "His Final Response"

     "Left Behind"

Evelynn McCoy

Anahi Moreno



Sista Big


Lascha'e Boggs

Kayla Boyles

Kara Jordan

Daric Jones

Gage Joseph

       "Back and Forth"

       "The Me of Today"

       "They Who Are Misunderstood"


       "The Voiceless"

Tony Martin

Treston Melvin

Evelynn McCoy


       "My Sunshine"

Anahi Moreno


       "Kill Your Darlings"


Vol. 2, Issue 2, 2022-2023
under construction

Short fiction
"It Rains Underwater" by Ethan Onley

Masthead:  2022-2023

Poetry editors: Anahi Moreno  Fiction/CNF editors: Charles Ray  

Faculty advisors: Mrs. Suznavick, Whit

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