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"A Roaches Pledge" by Jayden Taylor

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I'm the bug that nobody wants anything to do with.

They see me as a sign of filthiness but I'm just a bug.

Yes, I'm attracted to dirty environments,

But instead of killing me or spraying me with Raid,

Just clean up your house.

Have cockroaches ever killed a human? No.

Has a human ever killed a cockroach?

I didn't ask to be here,

I'm just here to make sure the toads are eating,

And the food chain is balanced.

Nothing more, nothing less.

So the next time you see me prancing through your kitchen floor,

Please think twice before grabbing a sandal, ok?

Roach out.

Jayden Taylor, sophomore (class of 2024), says of his writing “I’m really into funny writings, realistic but fictional writing, and really whatever comes to my head. My writings might be peaceful, serious or funny. I don’t plan to take writing seriously it’s just something overtime that I’ve picked up on and enjoy.”

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