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"Back and Forth" by Gage Joseph

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

I’m sorry that I hurt you, but I was nervous. No choice in the matter. Just you, me, and our tones. Going back and forth. No choice? A lie. We watched the world burn, Yet you switch in the end. I was nervous, so nervous. I couldn’t handle it. The pressure of losing us, I had to upset you to keep you. Fine, I’m sorry. I just want our lives normal, Not the same drama before. Just another day. I’m sorry that I hurt you, but I was nervous. Truly, no choice in the matter. That same tone of voice Going back and forth, back and forth. No choice, huh? Dude, that excuse is old. We went through a lot, Yet now you pull this. That pain I felt was real! You thought I wanted that? We won’t lose us, I won’t lose faith. Whatever, just as long as it’s over, We’ve got no time for drama. Save the past for the past And look at the future I’m sorry I hurt you, but, you know. I don’t think this is working. This old friendship turned around. Maybe the future took a toll on you. Not working? We’re perfectly fine. This future is ours, dude. We don’t need anything else. Just keep it all in the past. If you can’t focus On the past, present, and future, Then I have no want to be in yours. I’m not sorry this time. Well then… Maybe my future… Maybe I don’t have it. Not the way I want.

Gage Joseph, senior (class of 2022), spends most time writing and gaming. He draws his ideas from his own thoughts, combined with multiple ideas from story-based video games. After graduation, he plans on taking his own time to work on pieces of fiction with mysterious plots.

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