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“Colors. Toot. Boom. Pop.”, a list poem by Gregory Mizzelle

Turtle green is inspiring, it makes me smile.

Midnight purple makes me feel devious.

Orange makes me happy and think about the son.

Red is too bloody.

Ash grey is a boring color.

White is angelic and soft.

Anything pastel has been overused and is boring.

Blue makes me wanna cry,

Yellow reminds me of ugly highlighters.

Neon is disgusting and evil.

Beige is so cool.

Brown is natural.

Colors are inspiring, my favorite color is orange by the way.

Pink is flesh.

Coral is fish.

Dog is cat.

Cat is dog.

Paper is pencil box.

Bookbag; that’s the tweet.

Euphoria Cassie Baby Blue.

Grandpa is dead in the silver coffin.

Yes. Bye.

Gregory Mizzelle (class of 24') is on the championship Bocce team and a member of SADD.

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