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"Crows" by Anahi Moreno

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

I came to a new city

looking for a peck of food.

I see people littering the street

dressed with knotted ties and stained dresses.

Finally landed at a restaurant designated for wanderers,

entering through the glass door, coated in cracks.

The smell of molding walls and strong herbs clawed my nose.

Flowers and preserves adorn the wall

coated with grime and fear.

On the counter, the owner laid, eyes open, head in his arms,

his gray eyes bloodshot.

The restaurant was crowded.

Customers cluttered the tables,

their eyes open, staring at a different plane.

I settle onto the arm of a young woman,

her future filled possibilities she couldn't reach.

I've seen her face on countless others,

after all, my kind brings life,

but you need death to experience it.

After all you need to destroy to transform.

As a 11th grade student at Pocomoke High School (class of' 23), Anahi Moreno aspires for her writing to invoke emotion and memories. She started writing poetry in her middle school years, following along with the courage to submit for contest in high school. She has one 3rd place in the Eastern Shore Young Author’s Literacy Contest, and is ready for her writing to reach new limits.

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