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"Desolation" by Evelynn McCoy

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

I stand tall and I am big

but I am not bigger than the storm

that consumes me. Limb

by limb I am slowly being

torn apart by the vicious funnel.

Blur fills my eyes

to the point where the only color

I can make

out is debris.

Each gust of wind seems to make

me smaller. My roots

lifting, I begin to close

my eyes. I feel

myself go up like a rocket

into space. In the space

of a second, I became

the debris I once was watching

circle me like vultures.

No more is all I see.

No more is all I hear.

Evelynn McCoy is a senior (class of 2022). McCoy likes to spend her time listening to music, watching entertaining YouTube videos, laughing with her friends, and being alone. After high school she will join her fiancé as he is active duty in the military.

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