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“Finding Myself in a Sandcastle With the Dolls” by Gregory Mizzelle

It is pretty empty now. Light

Is pretty rare nowadays. I’ve lost

Track of time. Sometimes I still hear

Footsteps walking around me,

Loud footsteps almost as if a giant

Was stomping on the ground. Dust

And debris linger around the “island.”

All I can smell is mold and dirt.

I saw a structure, a great big castle.

However it was hollow inside.

Normally there are hard plastic houses

That smell like cardboard and glue.

This scent was weird...I made

My way towards this hollow structure

And I made a noise. Light came

From the sky and giant footsteps

Returned. I trembled in fear

And laid lifeless on the ground.

I saw huge eyes glaring, my Milly.

The girl who was now a giant

Reached in my direction, all

I could smell was a weird perfume

And then it was dark.

Gregory Mizzelle (class of '24) is a member of the Bocce team and the SADD club.

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