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“His Final Response” by Gage Joseph

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

CW: this story contains imagined violence “You showed up in my life at the right time, that is true. However, with everything you’ve done, you think I can just forgive that easily? Who do you think I am? Just some slave to you because I said that I owe you? Is that why you’ve been allied with us, so we’d ‘owe you?’ I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care. The way you moved was elegant; fighting alongside us was like a dance for you. You gave us the positivity we needed to push through as a group and this is what happens? You save our lives multiple times for what? So you can stay leashed to that man like a loyal dog? So you can be the one that kills us in the end? Well, that’s not gonna be us. You saying those words, ‘I love you,’ it’s all a lie now. Even if you meant it, I’ll never believe it. No monster in this world has felt a thing. Of all the creatures and opponents I’ve faced, I’ve never met one so awful and disgusting as you.” Their breathing was audibly shaky. Her bloodied body lay below him, staring at the blade of his spear. She begins to shed her tears, slowly flowing down her face to the ground. His breath is held, and one single push finished part one of their nightmare.

Gage Joseph, senior (class of 2022), spends most time writing and gaming. He draws his ideas from his own thoughts, combined with multiple ideas from story-based video games. After graduation, he plans on taking his own time to work on pieces of fiction with mysterious plots.

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