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"Kill Your Darlings" by Anahi Moreno

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Picture of thistles, by Meme Suznavick.

You said it would be you and I

and so far it has.

We always meet up

when the sky is blue

when the grass is green.

These days, I ask "Where do you wanna be when you're older?"

Your answer was never simple.

"Having tea with the Queen"

or "Ending world hunger"

Then you ask, "where do you wanna be?"

My answer never changed,

"Next to you." Now on the days

When the sky is blue

When the grass is green

I tell you about my adventures,

How I had tea with royals

and fed thousands from a window.

I carry on from where you left

because so far

it has been you and I.

As a 11th grade student at Pocomoke High School (class of 23), Anahi Moreno aspires for her writing to invoke emotion and memories. She started writing poetry in her middle school years, following along with the courage to submit for contest in high school. She has one 3rd place in the Eastern Shore Young Author’s Literacy Contest, and is ready for her writing to reach new limits.

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