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“Left Behind” by Gage Joseph

Updated: May 17, 2022

CW: This story contains science fiction elements, including violence.

"Reflection" by Jacob Payne, junior (class of 2023).

Found Document #27490 Writing Deciphered… Initializing… Dear [REDACTED], It’s been a few days now. I find it hard to believe they left us here on [REDACTED]. I’ve been wondering how it’s been where you are. I’m kinda stuck in a gray area, literally. I’m stuck in my own town with gray skies and dead grass. I’m just gonna hope that [REDACTED] gets this letter to you. This is miserable, however. Unable to message you instantly is taking a toll on me, and the fact that you’re away makes matters worse. You happened to be on some vacation as this started, right? So I can assume you’re still there, right? I hope so, and I hope you have enough food and safety to get by. I just wish that [REDACTED] would come back down to [REDACTED] so I can kick his ass. I don’t blame any other escapee, though. They’re only doing what anyone would do. Saving themselves, their families, everything they care about. We’d do the same, so it’d be unfair to hold a grudge. Well, at least we’re still here, right? Not a day goes by without me thinking of you. As all the volcanoes erupted and the earthquakes and tsunamis arose, I thought we were done! Yet, we were lucky enough to be here, alive. During those times I always thought of you, and I still do, even when I’m forced to kill any bandits or those [REDACTED] things. Just remember that I love you, and I will find you. Whether we manage to escape this planet, or beat the [REDACTED] itself, I’ll be happy as long as I’m with you. To end off, again I want to tell you I love you. It’s been a long while since your last letter to me, so I decided to check in on you myself. My people and I will set out to the location you spoke of, and we’ll be together! We can head back home, too. We have lots of fortifications set and many guns to go around. We just need to hope we don’t see another one of those creatures ever again. The [REDACTED]. We learned that they can tell where we are through walls because of sensing heat. Last few that showed [REDACTED] half of the town. Don’t worry, though! Once we find you, everything will be way easier, especially with your people helping the cause! I love you, [REDACTED]

Gage Joseph, senior (class of 2022), spends most time writing and gaming. He draws his ideas from his own thoughts, combined with multiple ideas from story-based video games. After graduation, he plans on taking his own time to work on pieces of fiction with mysterious plots.

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