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"Miss Misunderstood" by Evelynn McCoy

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

She doesn’t like the name she has made for herself. She has been tied to the same version of herself that she tried to kill three years ago. Although a lot of progress has been made, when people encounter her its still the same words she’s presented with time after time after time. She’s evil, she’s mean, she’s hard to read. Truth be told, she never meant to be so cold. Not everybody gets the same version of her. To her friends, she’s the strong one with a sense of humor. Always there to crack a joke or give words of advice when someone is struggling with motivation or drive. She likes to give others the support that she was sometimes deprived of. To her significant other, she’s beautiful, forgiving, funny, & kindhearted. Deep inside, she doesn’t feel like its true though. Her family was and sometimes still is her worst enemy. The ones who were supposed to be there for her seemed to be the leeches that sucked the happiness right out of her. Many don’t know, but that is the exact reason why she changed so drastically. She tells herself that what happened to her does not define her and that she is not the things she was forced to endure. She wants peace. All she wants is to be in a utopia surrounded by people that will uplift her and help her grow rather than tear her down and pollute her mind with more insecurities. She’s sorry for the way she put up a front because now it seems that the front has completely consumed her. It’s like she is no longer who she is anymore. She is just the wall she always put up to protect herself. She is not evil, she is not mean, she is not what you think. She is Miss Misunderstood, and she is me.

Evelynn McCoy is a senior (class of 2022). McCoy likes to spend her time listening to music, watching entertaining YouTube videos, laughing with her friends, and being alone. After high school she will join her fiancé as he is active duty in the military.

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