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"Morality is a Fickle Thing" by Anahi Moreno Enriquez

"A hero would sacrifice you to save the world, but a villain would sacrifice the world to save you." @th3heiroslytherin on TikTok

Morality is a fickle thing

You've expected to sacrifice everything for the greater good


So that you get rewarded with nothing but loss and desperation

You lose passion

You gain anger

You lose love

You gain isolation

Why lose the love of your life?

Pardon me but I am not so easily pressured

Do not expect me to risk my everything for nothing

No danger shall touch my Lily

My passion

My love

Are all too great to waver

Don't call me evil when I prioritize myself

Don't call me selfish when I protect my treasure

The world makes you choose

So don't blame me for choosing happiness.

Anahi Moreno Enriquez (class of 23) is attending SU next year.

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