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"My Color Wheel" by Dynasia Wise

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Art by DaeDae Miller.

I call them my color wheel because they all represent many different colors and move me in many ways. Even though they all are different colors, the love I have for them is all the same. The colors are purple, green, blue, and, most importantly MY yellow. I represent her with purple because she reminds me of an Amethyst only because they tend to be mildly sweet just like her. Even though she is purple, her beautiful brown eyes remind me of chocolate and how sweet chocolate can be. Now green, green and I have been stuck at the hip since birth basically and he could never be traded no matter how piercing red his attitude is like a cool glass of iced fruit punch on a hot day. Blue makes me happy; I can always count on blue to be there when needed and

I don't have to ever worry about blue judging me. Now yellow, or more importantly, MY yellow: she is my yellow because yellow is my favorite color and she is my favorite person. Her bright smile could light up a dark room that has been dim for days; her immaculate attitude makes her who she is. Her personality is like a sunflower sitting in a crowded park on a hot summer day, bright yellow and making you happy. Since elementary school she's been my happy place whether she knows it or not. All these colors do not make up a perfect color wheel, but they make MY color wheel.

Dynasia Wise, senior (class of 22) , enjoys cooking and spending time in her room and watching YouTube. Wise plans to attend Stevenson University to study early childhood education.

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