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"My Life is Water" by Jennifer Taylor

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

A mystery, wild and uncontrolled Ever changing tides Push, pull, lift and lower Taking the breath of the strongest sailor Oh so salty, it Stings and Heals What’s your perspective... Is it Fear or Hope? For God’s perfect creation Listen as waves crash and hush Over the soft smooth sand Salt air hits my skin, I breath it in Bringing new life to my weary bones The warmth of the Sun Feeds life into my soul As my face burns Cool water calls me back again New again to fight the next Storm Made Strong, Fierce and Brave She is a Warrior riding each Wave Grace and Strength Fueled by the power of each Season Waxing and Waning Strong, Wild and Rough Tranquil, Tame and Soft Unpredictable Ocean, Unpredictable Trials Unpredictable ME

The mast of the Sultana, anchored in Ocean City, by Meme Suznavick.

Ms. Jennifer Taylor is an ELA teacher at Pocomoke High School.

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