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"My Life is Water" by Keeyonie Planter

My life is water rough as it crashes

wet as this tsunami drowns whatever is left,

cold as I lie waiting for what’s next.

The weathers never going to be the same for me

as it was for them,

why should it be?

I guess the rainy days are what set up for me,

set up for me as I try to become dry

in a puddle that’s never ending.

As long as he has the sun I'll take the rain.

Give him the sun to keep and I'll take the rain.

Let him sleep ever so peacefully and I'll take the rain.

The sky is my favorite but why doesn’t it like me?

I like the pretty pink and orange but all I have is grey.

The pretty pink and orange reminds me of the good days

before you became the pretty pink and orange.

Keeyonie Planter is a freshman (class of '25).

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