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"My Sunshine" by Evelynn McCoy

Updated: May 19, 2022

Painted shoes by Danielle Melson, sophomore (class of 24).

We are like two colors. By looking in your eyes that look like pools of honey in the sun and hearing your sweet laugh echoing throughout time, I would call you red. Not just the basic red that would be found in the grocery store stuck in a glass of maraschino cherries, you are the red that flows through my veins. You are like crimson calligraphy written in a love letter. Everything about you illustrates one thing, love. Is it true that opposites attract? By the way you pulled me in like a like a current, I would have to say yes. Take a look into my eyes and tell me what you see. A mix between gray and blue that create a cold, almost dead looking steel blue. My laughter is heard rarely, much like the birds song that’s only heard by the people who wake up early enough to catch it. While you are the lighthearted red, I am the deepest blue like the color found near the bottom of the ocean. I represent one thing, hate. You and I aren’t so different though. I love you and you hate the way that I hate myself. You and I mixed together created purple. A beautiful color found painted upon the hyacinths that bloom in the springtime. Your red melts my blue as if I was ice in the scorching summer sun.

Evelynn McCoy is a senior (class of 2022). McCoy likes to spend her time listening to music, watching entertaining YouTube videos, laughing with her friends, and being alone. After high school she will join her fiancé as he is active duty in the military.

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