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"Never Give Up" by Jalen White

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Never give up

Never give up when things get tough

Even when things keep getting rough

My love for you will never die

I will always push my self to be better

Even when in pain I will never cry

But things might seem impossible

So I keep a smile on my face

Because I know the impossible is possible

My mind might say no but I’m on a nice pace

Deep down I’m humble

The grind never stops

I’m always ready to rumble

All the sweat and tears I shed

I will always be one step ahead

Often people who struggle give up

But I’m on my way to the golden cup

For those who want to hide in fear

Rest a little bit but say its over

Don’t believe all the hype you hear

Stay confident and do hard work

Because all in all the job is never done

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