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"Return To" by Charles Ray

Driven by the hearts we seek I realized I was never mentioned to be. Back to him I’ll reluctantly return. I no longer need to be any of your concern. Eventually you might join with him too. I’d be happy to spend eternity with you. However that’s not now, now I die With no regrets. Don’t be sad this was My destiny. The last 358/2 days we spent Eating that splendid sea salt ice cream Were the best, but now It’s time. Time to fly into the endless mist And disappear as if I didn’t even exist. All good things must come to an end For something greater to appear. His name you should already know. It’s your other, it’s SORA.

Charles Ray III, junior (class of 2023), enjoys games, watching anime, and loves clothing (mainly shoes). Ray plans to go to college after graduation (undecided on which college).

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