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"The Me of Today" by Gage Joseph

I may not be able to go back.

Not back to the past, at least.

I could return my old personality,

One that would never be pleased.

Even with the choice, I decide not.

Not because I hate him,

But because he’s served his time.

That life’s span would stay slim.

I can’t go into the future,

Yet I could start it now.

I don’t want to try, however.

A different future could be foul.

I don’t have all the answers,

“I won’t change” is what I say.

I’ll keep my life in writing,

So I don’t forget the me of today.

Gage Joseph, senior (class of 2022), spends most time writing and gaming. He draws his ideas from his own thoughts, combined with multiple ideas from story-based video games. After graduation, he plans on taking his own time to work on pieces of fiction with mysterious plots.

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