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"The Pain Behind the Stars" by Kayla Boyles

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

It could be said, one doesn’t want to be seen

And no one looks for it off screen.

The pain of not knowing hurts in the spleen.

Wishes that come to the stars are far in between

As if they are the for someone to see.

“Open your eyes”, are shouted far beyond the green

For this small girl, hurting, is only fifteen.

The pain is all too much, for she wants it gone

And it creeps in her dreams to prompt.

No one will hear the screams, for they are not a response.

Wishes are made, but fond

They are kept in the far beyond.

For this small girl is strong

But the pain has left a sense of despondence.

None will look into her eyes

For is they did, they would see the disguise.

She feels all her lies

They creep in, yet steadily rise.

Though she believes that her heart is made of ice

These lies, they come with that price.

All the pressure she feels, she cannot thrive.

Sometimes it feels, all she has is the stars

For she doesn’t think she has a hearth.

Maybe even the stars are forced

Everywhere she goes, she has reminders.

It feels as though, like the stars, she’s dispersed

This is all too much, almost like it’s carved.

The secret of her pain is hidden behind the stars.

Kayla Boyles is a rising senior (class of 2023).

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