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“They Who Are Misunderstood” by Gage Joseph

I’m locked up tight, Not a sound to be heard. Won’t put up a fight, No need to be absurd. I’m the one taken back. My past holds onto me, The future awaits an attack. My problem nobody will see. I’m looked down on, Held back for me. Hated, dusk to dawn, Now I just want to flee. Take in our new reality, I’ll stay as myself. The weird, fun-loving me, That’s better for my health. I try smiling every day, Desperate for what I can get. I feel your words anyway, Striking me down with pain I’ve met. I branched out as far as I can say, But my roots I watched rot, I watched decay. But different is what I’m not. I don’t care if you turn away, I gave you a chance. Try taking me with what you say, I’m tired of this stupid dance. Just because I want to be weird. Having fun is too damn much. This me won’t be seared, So hate it and stay out of touch. We aren’t fitting in, And others treat that as sin. Yet, we have each other, That’s a strength they can’t smother.

Gage Joseph, senior (class of 2022), spends most time writing and gaming. He draws his ideas from his own thoughts, combined with multiple ideas from story-based video games. After graduation, he plans on taking his own time to work on pieces of fiction with mysterious plots.

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