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"Toilet Paper" by Jayden Taylor

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

CW: contains gross humor

I hate it here

Why couldn't I stay a tree?

Maybe a branch or stump,

I don't know.

But here I am

Wrapped in the branding of Charmin Ultra Soft

Is this how I am gonna die?

Taking crap from somebody?

But here I am

In a 7-eleven bathroom

Next to an idiot who tried the chili dogs.

Must be my lucky day.

But here I am

Spending my last few seconds

Submerged in a bowl of dung

Wishing I stayed a tree.

Jayden Taylor, sophomore (class of 2024), says of his writing “I’m really into funny writings, realistic but fictional writing, and really whatever comes to my head. My writings might be peaceful, serious or funny. I don’t plan to take writing seriously it’s just something overtime that I’ve picked up on and enjoy.”

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