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"Us" by Lascha'e Boggs, second place winner, Human Rights Art Contest, sponsored by Speak Up

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Us… oh us… us as in the people, us as in the flesh and blood from the all Creation Maker, the Almighty. Oh us…we’ve been through so much, but that won’t stop us. We have been strong , we have been mighty, we have fought for our individuality, and I am not speaking of karate but us…oh how much I love us. All of the shades, from the white that resembles a divine and cordial tulip to the copper that represents the physique of beauty, strong courage and strength to the dark that is rich and thick with the white stripes and prints marked for “survival”, and growing up, our ancestors.1964, does that ring a bell? That year we became one, but oh the years before that were hell. I apologize for my language but as you can tell I am in ecstasy…I thank God for my blackness but not just that, I thank him for ALL THINGS, ALL CREATION and most importantly…our lives. Oh us , I love you.

Lascha'e Boggs is a junior (class of 2023). She likes to draw, listen to music, and play games on her PS4 console. She enjoys editing movies on computers and apps.

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